Our Difference… Go to Market Quickly

The insurance business is driven by the market which is continually becoming faster and more versatile.  It is more specific and encompasses multiple geographies, requiring access from any device and works with social media.


Sunlight Solutions provides a system that simplifies an already complex environment making us FAST.  For example:

  • Use of a standard single search, similar to powerful search engines
  • Efficiently obtain quotes for several products
  • Confidently access data for reports and audits:
    • Our solution is well-designed with a simple database
  • Easily on-board new producers via our CRM solution
  • Highest and unequalled flexibility for:
    • Creating new data specific to any customer, policy, line of business, screen, etc.
    • Creating a new business process
    • Powerful workflow and task management

Send us your headachesand we will demonstrate how Sunlight Suite can handle them!