Our “Common Team” Approach Ensures Delivery Success and…


Agile implementation methodology enables our customers to not only participate, but also to see the progress every step of the way.  We understand the insurance business and the processes required.  We provide a project team with insurance expertise.  You will only need to tell us what is specific to your business and makes you unique.

  • Iterative Approach, no wait, right to be wrong
  • “Don’t sweat the small stuff” – You can easily make changes once you are using our solution
  • Think Outside the Box – A new approach reaps more benefits
  • Speak up – Speak often
  • Respect the deliverable deadlines – We like 24 hours
  • Involvement and Support of Top Management 
  • Active Subject Matter Experts
  • Business Analyst Driven

The flexibility of our solution and the reactivity of our team truly support the agile methodology.  The results, you will have a maximum amount of functionality in a short time.  Carriers to go to production sequentially, addressing one important need after another.  Progress is seen throughout implementation eliminating surprises.

If conversion from an existing system is needed, data migration is part of our methodology and we convert data in parallel on the same project timeline.

We understand that, although our system is critical to process insurance, it is one of many existing systems that need to coexist under one program management.  Therefore, we have created our solution open with an extensive list of web services so that it can easily communicate with other applications.