“Designing a highly configurable Insurance package is an art!”

Sunlight Solutions-                                       The Rembrandts of Configuration

A key to our success is our business team, with our customers, they determine our product roadmap and our technical team manages the best solution to get the job done.  With this approach, we have expanded the concept of configurable to include:

  • lines of business
  • states
  • workflow
  • rules
  • rating
  • roles
  • widgets
  • specific user interface

This design triggers a progressive move to business intelligence and communication with social media.

Sunlight Suite is built on a flexible framework which maintains the agility needed to adapt.  We took a business view in merging our solution into the Microsoft world of technology, applications, and communication.  In addition, our design enables seamless coexistence with other systems which eases the burden on users.

Our business experts are available to help our customers with every step.  With the solution available anywhere with an internet connection and from any standard mobile device, your information is just a click away.