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Welcome to Sunlight Solutions

The foundation of our company is our end-to-end insurance solution, Sunlight Suite.  A key to our success is to ensure that our product is driven by business needs using market standard technology.

Our flexible solution handles specialty lines of business, commercial and personal lines of business as well as workers compensation and group health. Let us know your needs.

We are ready to show you our solution.

Please contact us for more information.


What does Sunlight Solutions do?

We provide Sunlight Suite, an end-to-end insurance solution which efficiently manages policy administration, billing, and claims for many lines of business.

Our solution includes additional capabilities to run your insurance business including: crm, reporting, accounting, rules engine, printing, and customer management.

Our Sunlight Solutions project team ensures project delivery according to your needs, including the transition from your existing systems.

What is the best way to contact you?

Please use our contact form to email us or call 610-656-2605.  We are ready to discuss your situation and show you how we can help.

What makes you unique?

Insurance systems should not take years or months to go into production. In an overly regulated and complex insurance world, we take the simplest approach possible in all aspects of our solution. From the technology and database structure to the business processes and reporting, we have eased the heavy maintenance burden that most companies face. Now you can have LOB in production in weeks or months!/

Our solution simply works and offers the agility to handle what is unique to your business. Our strength is we are fast. Combine this with the quality and the experience of our team and we deliver. We are passionate about our work, we care, in the end, we strive for happy customers.

Which Insurance products do you support?

Our flexibility enables us to support any major insurance product on the market.  You can quickly respond to market trends and not be slowed by your vendor to IT to support your growth.

What is your implementation methodology?

We use an agile methodology with realistic and pragmatic experience. Read More.

Do you work with partners?

Yes, we work with the right partners.

The partners share our principles:

  • Hands on approach
  • Insurance industry knowledge
  • Agile methodology
  • Project delivery focus

If you are already working with preferred partners, we have various training options available.

Is your solution available on the cloud?

Yes, we are deployed on the cloud. Depending on your needs, we have the ability to deploy to a traditional data center if desired.

What technology do you use?

Our entire solution is built with .NET technology. With 100% open architecture, your team has no need to learn propriatry language.

What are your keys to success?

Our Team
Sunlight Solutions has one of the most experienced business teams in the industry. Our team includes a combination of former insurance and software professionals who work, collaborate and make decisions together.

Flexibility of the Product
We have a modern, powerful software design that can confidently handle:

  1. The regulatory changes of the insurance business
  2. The scalability required for business growth
  3. Fast business modification triggered by the market

The Delivery Pace
Sunlight Solutions’ approach is based on a fast pace and quick decision making. The flexibility of the product allows for creation and modification while staying on schedule.

How do you provide support?

We provide two releases per year, each containing meaningful functionality.  We are able to schedule onsite visits to provide any desired support.

What makes you different on the market?

  1. Our strong motivation in the Insurance business
  2. Very high reliability for a modern solution
  3. A simple, hands on, lean approach
  4. Unequaled product with unique features